Thursday, February 4, 2010

Come to my arms, my beamish boy

Previously Mrs Domestic Goddess Inc was Mrs Forging-a-Career-Path PLC, and if a little dude came along, I was to be the one that stayed at home. Between then and now, due to and through tragedies, triumphs and epiphanies, things have reversed. Mrs DG Inc loves her new role, and because of it, I now have a new highlight of the day.

No matter what has happened in my day and whatever has happened in Little Dude's, it all drifts away when I arrive home. When he sees me he wiggles his legs, rocks up and down, then gives the biggest beaming smile I imagine I have ever seen. The warmth and happiness in that smile melts my heart. It also gives Mrs DG Inc's heart a lift as well, because it means her day shift is over. She can put her feet up and calmly survey the day's toy carnage, which resembles a crash landing of Santa's sled.

Little Dude's natural and welcoming smile is my leveller. My beamish boy grounds me and brings me to my senses, long may it continue.
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