Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes..and nose and eyes and....and

This weeks gallery prompt is Body Parts. Each week there are wonderful photos and heart warming posts related to a theme. So go over to the gallery at Sticky Fingers, have a browse at your leisure and be inspired to join in as well

I would defy anyone not find the miniature hand or foot of a newborn baby cute. That first grip, tightly clenched around your little finger, filling you with so much warmth, love and simple ahhness.
'Look he is holding my finger!' cousins and aunts exclaim. (There is a nerd in me that wants to point out it is called the palmer grasp and it also works on his foot, the planter grasp).

Along with most new parents we have taken endless photos of our addition to the family. Since I got my first Zenith, I have always been interested in the versatility of an SLR camera and it's lenses to find those quirky angles or close up shots, with Mini Mck two loves came together, photography and him.

There were a few days during summer 2009, when our garden was in glorious sunshine and a gazebo was a permanent fixture (until it collapsed in high winds and was 'permanently' replaced again). Mini Mck was about 4 moths old and it meant that he could roll about in his nappy and vest, and I could lie down and get some close up pics of his feet, hands, mouth and most importantly of all his eyelashes. It seems some babies are born with eyelashes that are at full size and ready for adulthood. Mini Mck is one of these babies, they are a feature that many adult female admirers and relatives are jealous of.

When I told MummyLimited that I would be using this series of photos, she advised that I should chose just one. Maybe she was right, but I thought the theme, body parts, is plural, so that gives me an excuse to use several photos. Not that I ever need an excuse to show as many photos as I can of the person I see as the most beautiful in the world.

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