Monday, April 19, 2010

The best laid schemes... Gang aft agley

It was going to be an Easter break to remember. The weather had turned for the best, there would be time to tend my garden, get on with all those jobs that had been put off through a miserable March. Time to turn my new allotment into a fertile ground and plant those peas, beans and spuds. To be able take a family camping break on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. Time to celebrate Little Dude's first birthday.

Then Mrs Domestic Goddess Inc got tonsillitis.

Then Mrs DG Inc was bedridden and out of action for nigh on a week.

The best laid schemes...

Meaning we had to find other things to do

Such as going to the beach for a picnic

Staring at the sea

Playing in the back garden

Helping plant the sweet peas

And getting a bubble machine for my birthday

Who needs plans anyway?
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