Monday, April 19, 2010

What's it all about

I started this blog, in part because Mrs Domestic Goddess Inc started one also. It looked fun. It was a way of sharing my new found enthusiasm as a fledgling parent. I imagined writing at least a blog a week and hopefully more- my enthusiasm quickly waned. So why?

The main reason I think is due to the fantastic and dedicated blog Mrs DGI has now created. It has become a large part of her life and I am so pleased that she is finding enjoyment through it. She writes extremely well, has written some very honest, very funny and personally poignant posts. I could not expect to reach her standard- I do not have the head time (on this point she would argue that looking after little dude is just as time consuming as my full time job- yes, but the mental space she has to create and imagine her blog posts while taking little dude for a walk in his pushchair, or similar, is something not available to me when teaching a class of 30 'challenging' pupils each day). So what am I to do?

First I should not think of my blog in comparison to hers, I should not spend endless hours, writing, re-writing and editing my posts. I should not try to be humorous or entertaining in every post. I should just write the mundane as well as the amazing. I should write just for me and as a record for Little Dude's escapades as he grows- if someone else should then find my posts interesting, then all the better.

So, for now, without even a cursory edit, that's what I think it's all about.
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