Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Beamish Boy 2

This weeks gallery prompt was smiles. Pop over to Sticky Fingers for all the other great photos and posts on this weeks theme.

I am usually quite selective over photos that I use. This week when searching for pictures to use, I realised that most of the more spontaneous smile photos I had were on my phone.

So forgetting all worries about focusing, framing and F-stops, these are photos of Mini Mck smiling, Mrs Mck smiling or simply photos that make me smile.

Before Mini Mck arrived there was laughter and there were smiles- it was what kept us sane. However everyday since, there has always been something that has made us smile and grin, even on our most shattered and darkest days. Thank you my beamish boy

After falling in the pool when retrieving a ball

After buying new shoes

Chuffed because I've climbed onto a chair

Shopping, what fun!

Yoghurt for hair gel

I've ripped a cardboard leaf out of a book and started eating it, how funny!

We can fit our whole hand in our mouths!

Simple bath-time fun!

Making Daddy take me for a drive at 3.00am is so much fun!

Mummy makes me smile

A lot!
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