Thursday, November 18, 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Back in the day, I used to believe society and our environment were the biggest influence on character, that gender was down to nurture, not nature. I already started thinking I might be wrong when I became a teacher, Key Stage One girls were often more capable at literacy and communication. Then I read about the difference between fine and gross motors skills in boys and girls at an early age (fine motor skills favour girls- stickering, etc, gross motor skills favour boys- running about kicking a ball like a loon).

Then MiniMck arrived, since then I have been convinced I was wrong.

Without any encouragement MiniMck has become obsessed with vehicles- buses, cars, trains, planes, diggers and boats, but mainly things with wheels. One of his earliest words was 'car' soon to be followed by 'train', actually 'toot-toot', but the meaning was the same. Bus spotting is now the activity de jour from the comfort of his car seat. When one is seen, a load screech of 'BUS!' comes from the back of the car, quickly repeated, getting louder and louder until he is acknowledged, "yes, it's a bus MiniMck, well spotted".

So where did this enthusiasm come from- we did not buy him any toy cars until his wishes and likes became apparent. I'm far removed from a petrol head and cycle to work, so no influence there. I can only assume that because he is a boy, he likes big moving things and when he pointed at them with glee we told him what they were, his enthusiasm influenced us, he was interested in them and so he remembered what they were called.

This all brings me round to his latest activity, lining up his vehicles. We find them lined up on the toilet seat, in his cot in the morning and against the wall outside his bedroom. When I mentioned it to another parent, I was hoping for an 'Oh, how sweet' reply, but instead they talked about sorting being a development stage at his age. Ya boo sucks to development, wonder weeks and all that claptrap- it just think it is darn cute, and is his thing of the week that makes me smile.

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